Others Are Good At Sales, We Are Good At Service!


With over 200 years of combined experience, let us provide you with a lush, green and healthy lawn and landscape! 
— Doug Alexis, Owner

Lawn and Landscape

You take pride in your home and property. Your yard extends the beauty of your home, enriches the community and provides curb appeal. Lobb Alexis understands this! Our technicians are knowledgeable and skilled professionals, with the single-minded purpose to provide South Louisiana with top quality Lawn Care to keep your lawn and landscape looking great!

Our Program Treats Your Lawn Better

Our program includes:

  • Pre-Emergent Weed Control 
  • Post-Emergent Weed Control 
  • Fertilization
  • Insecticide/Miticide
  • Fungicide
  • Proper Water and Maintenance Plan
  • Free Service Calls

At Lobb Alexis, we put the best services and products into caring for your lawn. Our exclusive treatment program provides the right balance of weed control, fertilizer, insecticide and fungicide to help maximize your lawn. It’s a lawn care prescription that will give you a healthier, thicker and much greener lawn. The standard Lobb Alexis treatment program consists of 6 scheduled applications per year.

Lobb Alexis Lawn care is a continuous service with NO yearly contracts so you don’t need to “renew” every year. Should you have a problem between regularly scheduled applications, just give us a call! Service calls are free for full service customers.


Tree and Shrub Care

Lobb Alexis preventive care program for your landscape plants and shrubs is like putting money in the bank. Our Tree and Shrub Care is designed to promote plant health and growth. Thus a well-maintained landscape with healthy trees and shrubs will ensure the value of your property will continue to appreciate.

Preventing a problem is much less costly and time-consuming than trying to cure a tree, shrub or plant once it has a disease or is infested with insects. Our Tree and Shrub Care treatments include fertilization, insect control, mite control, and disease control. Lobb Alexis handles the treatment application on a regular schedule to make your trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants that look terrific and healthy.


    Our Services Include

    • Lawns - Fertilizing, insect, disease and weed control
    • Shrubs and Trees - Deep root fertilizing, insect and disease spraying
    • Garden Beds - Selective herbicide applications to help control weeds
    • Mosquitos -  Control applications
    • Sport Fields - Fertilizing, insect, disease and weed control
    • Industrial Sites - Bare ground and bermuda release applications